Meet the Team

Vice President of Sales USA Patti Peters

Patti Peters
Vice President, Sales

Vice President of Operations Robert Weisman

Robert Weisman
Vice President, Operations

Director of Marketing Joy Tobin

Joy Tobin
Director of Marketing

Senior Project Manager Jerry Masiello

Jerry Masiello
Senior Project Manager

Senior Clinical Sales Specialist Daron Fitzpatrick

Daron Fitzpatrick, RT
Senior Clinical Sales Specialist

Clinical Sales Specialist Kevin Hodgdon

Jessica Dietrich, RRT
Clinical Sales Specialist

Clinical Sales Specialist Jessica Dietrich

Tracy Smith
Operations Supervisor

Sales and Marketing Coordinator Cathy Harris

Cathy Harris
Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Digital Marketing Manager Bianca Marschner

Bianca Marschner
Digital Marketing Manager

Executive Sales Assistant Ashley Flanagan

Ashley Flanagan
Executive Sales Assistant

Customer Service Coordinator Faviola Ortiz

Faviola Ortiz
Customer Service Coordinator

Technical Support Supervisor Emery Parsons

Emery Parsons, CTFL
Technical Support Supervisor

Technical Support Specialist Chris Shannon

Chris Shannon
Technical Support Specialist

Technical Support Coordinator Tina Rollka

Tina Rollka
Technical Support Coordinator

Connectivity Engineer - Jacob Tilles

Jacob Tilles
Connectivity Engineer