Corporate Social Responsibility

ndd Medical Technologies is dedicated to supporting health initiatives in various countries around the world and offsetting the carbon footprint of the EasyOne FlowTube by supporting initiatives like the cook stove project.
MyClimate Project - New cookstoves

With the efficient solar cook stoves people can cook traditional Madagascan food like rice, corn, manioc, meat soup or chicken. (

myclimate - Efficient Solar Stoves in Southwest Madagascar
In partnership with the myclimate Carbon Reduction and Carbon Compensation program, ndd is offsetting the carbon footprint of the EasyOne FlowTube by providing new and efficient cook stoves for households and institutions in Madagascar. The efficient solar stoves help:

  • create jobs
  • reduce CO2 emissions
  • improve health, especially for women and children by avoiding exposure to micro particles from burning wood in the house
  • prevent deforestation: for each cook stove 2 trees are reforested

The East African Training Initiative (EATI)
Ethiopia, the second largest country of Africa, bears an enormous burden due to the high occurrence of tuberculosis and lung disease in its population. The lack of pulmonary specialists is one of the key constraints on its ability to deliver care. The mission of EATI is to provide world-class training in pulmonary and critical care medicine. ndd supplied EasyOne spirometers for this education program as lung function testing is one of its principal elements. Thanks to EATI there is now a growing number of pulmonologists in Ethiopia that can address lung disease with focus and expertise.

EATI project

Training session as part of the East African Training Initiative (EATI)

Uganda Lung Health Fair

Team involved in researching the causes of lung disease in southwestern Uganda

Lung Disease Research in Southwestern Uganda
Determining the prevalence of lung disease in Uganda and how HIV infections affect lung health are common goals for the lung disease research being completed in Southwestern Uganda. ndd Medical equipment was used in the research group's initial public screening program, where 1500 people were tested in a 5-day period in 2015. The study compares lung function of HIV patients with others not impacted by the disease and also studies the effect of indoor air pollution (open fire cooking) on the lung function of women. By using ndd Medical Technologies equipment, this study also serves as an exceptional opportunity to complete training of clinical staff in the region for completing and interpreting lung function testing. Additional studies are commencing in 2017, which ndd Medical Technologies is proud to support.

Guyana Asthma Education and Spirometry Program (GASP)
As is the case throughout the world, asthma is very common in the South American nation of Guyana, affecting more than one in ten people, ranging in age from infants to the elderly. The approach to the treatment of asthma in Guyana used to be to perform acute episodic management rather than to establish a more comprehensive chronic disease management. Since 2013, a Vancouver-based respiratory team has been working on the Guyana Asthma Education and Spirometry Program (GASP), which provides spirometry equipment and training for the purpose of diagnosing asthma accurately. It also strives to improve the extent of healthcare by teaching local medical professionals to deliver education and self-management skills to patients in order to reduce the extensive impact asthma is having.

For further information contact Robert Levy.

GASP project

Patient performing a spirometry test during the GASP program

Spirometry training session

Spirometry training session in Namibia

Spirometry Trainings in Namibia
In the north of Namibia, the association Mudiro is setting up a medical training project where doctors are trained and supported locally. Doctors and nurses from Switzerland do voluntary work assignments to convey their medical expertise to the professionals on site. The staff was trained in use and operating of our EasyOne spirometer and is performing spirometry tests autonomous. The ease of use of the device was highly appreciated by the users. The doctors and nurses were successfully sensitized for performing lung function tests and to show them how important they are for the diagnosis. ndd is proud to support this project.

EasyOne Pro LAB in a Clinic-on-Wheels
Heart of Australia is an organization that delivers monthly specialist medical investigation and treatment clinics to regional, rural and remote-area communities across Queensland, Australia. Its customized road trains – specialist medical clinic-on-wheels – each travels more than 100,000 km per year on the road, covering an area of more than 450,000 square kilometers. Heart of Australia is breaking the grip of distance that denies rural and remote-area Australians access to regular cardiac, endocrine and respiratory services when and where they are needed most.

ndd and our partner Niche in Australia have provided EasyOne Pro LAB devices for the trucks to deliver reliable and accurate pulmonary diagnosis right at the point of care to people visiting the mobile hospital.

For more information about this project, click here.

Heart of Australia
Medical clinic-on-wheels