1999 - A Vision to Revolutionize  Pulmonary Function Testing

Before there was a product, there was a vision. A vision based on TrueFlow ultrasound technology developed by Dr. Buess, and recognized by Dr. Harnoncourt as a revolution in the measurement of lung function.

As this vision and technology moved to the United States, an incredibly talented Engineer, Oscar Kaelin, built the foundation which led to the development of the EasyOne product family. 

With Oscar’s pioneering spirit, he led a small team of three to establish the US office and worked with a small group of Swiss Engineers to design the first ndd spirometer. Pictured here is a sampling from the original drawings for the EasyOne spirometer.

2000 - First Device Out The Door

The first EasyOne spirometer was shipped on May 19, 2000 to a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.  With a year of work prior to FDA approval, this first milestone was cause for celebration! 

A large portion of sales in the first months went through our distribution network.  Our dealer partners have always been an integral part of our business model. PSS World Medical was the first national distributor on board and showed a strong commitment by fully stocking each of their US warehouses with the EasyOne product. This put ndd on the trajectory to become a top player in the spirometry market.

ndd broke into major markets at an early stage. This was an exciting time as the EasyOne spirometer created a tremendous buzz in the PFT industry. Ultrasound technology was new and as one Key Opinion Leader stated, "I have not seen anything this exciting in pulmonary function in 25 years..." 


2001 - World Trade Center Worker and Volunteer Medical Screening Program

The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 exposed thousands of FDNY firefighters, volunteers, and first responders to dust, debris, and smoke. Research began immediately to examine the long-term effects of their exposure.

The EasyOne spirometer was the spirometer of choice for the long-term project that continues to this day. 

Since then, results published proved that the EasyOne spirometer maintained its accuracy and reliability throughout vigorous use over a period of 4 years. 

2002 - EasyOne Device Used to Measure Lung Function for NIOSH Studies

Researchers at NIOSH and Harvard School of Public Health were looking for an accurate and portable spirometer to facilitate asthma research and clinical diagnosis in the workplace and at home. The typical “gold standard” spirometer was much too large and cumbersome for this task. ndd partnered with this group to customize the EasyOne spirometer for this purpose. The result was an accurate, portable, and user-friendly device that provided all required parameters, flow-volume loops, quality feedback, pre and post med testing, a questionnaire, and the ability to immediately transmit data via modem.

The bottom line, as stated by NIOSH and Harvard: “Use of the small lightweight portable hand-held spirometer enables researchers and health care professionals to observe workers, in their workplace and home environments over a period of weeks, to establish work-related asthma status.”


2003 - FACES - Fresno Asthmatic Children’s Environment Study

Up until 2003, there was very little information on pediatric asthmatic patients and how they were affected by air pollutants.  The FACES study monitored children between the ages of 6-11 over a period of 8 years to determine the effect of extended exposures to air pollutants and the progression of asthma.

The EasyOne spirometer was used in the home to measure lung function and provided high quality results that were comparable to office laboratory devices. 

2004 - "Test Your Lungs, Know Your Numbers" - NLHEP

The National Lung Health Education Program (NLHEP), was developed in 1996 as a healthcare initiative designed to increase awareness of COPD among the public and health care professionals. Through their motto of, "Test Your Lungs, Know Your Numbers," they encourage the use of simple spirometry to make an early diagnosis and monitor ongoing treatments. 

The EasyOne spirometer was the first spirometer to meet NLHEP's recommendations in their formal spirometer review process. This program has since been discontinued, however all EasyOne products continue to meet and exceed the ATS/ERS spirometry recommendations.


2005 - Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD Study)

COPD is a global problem. The BOLD study was designed to quantify the prevalence of obstructive lung disease and to identify its risk factors across several regions throughout world.  

When they needed a spirometer that would allow for accurate and reliable testing in various parts of the world, including different climates, altitudes and air quality, the EasyOne spirometer was chosen.  These studies continue to produce many publications that aid in the study of COPD.

2006 - ndd US goes to Zurich 

In 2006, our Corporate Office in Zurich, ndd Medizintechnik, celebrated 10 years in business and the ndd US team was invited to join in on the celebration.  ndd’s Zurich and US offices were relatively new to the industry and celebrating 10 years in business was an important milestone.  The agenda included travel to some of Switzerland’s unique countrysides and engaging conversations along with good food and drink. 

All employees shared a passion for ndd’s overall global mission of early diagnosis for better lung health. This celebration provided both teams with a lifetime of memories.   

ndd team in zurich

2007 - COPD Foundation & AARC Travel Nationwide Offering Free Spirometry 

In January 2007, NHLBI launched an awareness campaign targeting the 12 million undiagnosed people living with COPD in the United States. COPD Foundation and AARC joined this initiative by using the Mobile Spirometry Unit (MSU) to offer free educational lung health materials and free spirometry with the EasyOne device.

The MSU traveled hundreds of miles across many states, testing thousands of individuals for COPD and other lung related diseases. 

2008 - EasyOne Spirometer Chosen for COPDGene Study

The COPDGene Study is one of the largest and most comprehensive studies ever undertaken to investigate the underlying genetic factors of COPD. It looks for explanations for why some smokers develop COPD and others do not. 

The COPDGene study choose the EasyOne Plus spirometer as a standard for spirometry testing in all 21 clinical study centers.

To date over 200 publications have resulted from COPDGene. To learn more visit: http://www.copdgene.org

PC old

2009 - Launch of Easy on-PC spirometer

With the success of the EasyOne portable spirometer, it was time for ndd to offer a true PC-based solution. Utilizing the same ultrasonic flow sensor as the EasyOne, ndd developed the Easy on-PC spirometer. 

The goal was to provide all of the ease-of-use, features, and accuracy of the EasyOne with the added power and flexibility of the PC.

2010 - Launch of EasyOne Pro Portable PFT 

ndd’s mission of early diagnosis for better lung health took a significant step with the launch of the EasyOne Pro. 

This highly anticipated product was a breakthrough in the world of pulmonary function.  Finally a portable device was available to perform DLCO testing.  2010 was a year of great accomplishment and great travel as ndd took the EasyOne Pro to places DLCO couldn’t go before its invention.


2011 - #nddGetsConnected

2011 was the year of the social channels. ndd joined the digital world by launching profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With more than 60% of adults in the US on at least one social media platform, we knew this was a great opportunity to further engage and communicate with customers, healthcare providers, our sales organization, and patients. 

The goal is to spread awareness about lung disease and advocate for earlier diagnosis and active management by curating relevant news items and communicating new developments within ndd.   Our commitment is to educate on the need to improve the early detection and accurate diagnosis for people living with COPD and other chronic lung diseases through spirometry and DLCO testing.

2012 - Made in the USA

While Zurich-based ndd is truly a worldwide company, a significant portion of our business is in the U.S. 

This year, ndd made an important decision to begin producing the disposable spirette mouthpiece here in the USA. This resulted in several benefits for our customers and the company, such as shorter inventory pipeline, reduced cost and a solid commitment to our U.S. business.

ndd spirette
mtmc team

2013 - MedTech/MedCare Merges to Become Largest National Medical Sales Organization

The MedTech and MedCare teams have been key partners of the ndd organization and pivotal in our overall growth and success. In 2004, these two sales entities merged to become the largest national medical sales company in the healthcare industry.

Since the merge, MTMC has continued to offer outstanding professional and sales support to help drive our success in the pulmonary function market.

2014 - EasyOne Spirometer in the Deployed Setting

The EasyOne spirometer has been used in many harsh environments, and this year, to an operating base in southern Afghanistan. 

Deployed military personnel are exposed to many risks including dust, exhaust fumes and smoke. In 2014, a study published by Military Medicine examined the benefits of adding portable spirometry to deployed providers in severe environments.

The results - "...portable spirometry can add to the limited armamentarium of military providers practicing in the austere deployment environment."

2015 - Understanding Lung Function in Dolphins and Whales

In 2015, the researchers at Texas A & M University Corpus Christi and L'Oceanogràfic Valencia chose our mobile ultrasound technology and software to measure pulmonary function in dolphins, whales and other sea animals.

In their ongoing efforts, they hope to answer puzzling questions about dive physiology and aquatic mammal disease and behavior, which may lead to better understanding and treatment of lung problems in humans, including those that afflict premature babies.

2016 - ndd Sponsors Leonard Nimoy Documentary 

Leonard Nimoy taught us all to "Live Long and Prosper." Known primarily for his role as logical-thinking Vulcan 'Spock' on Star Trek, the Boston born and raised actor was diagnosed with late stage COPD in 2013. Rather than withdrawing from public life, he used his fame to actively speak about his disease on TV and other media. His selfless actions helped to create awareness of COPD so that people around the globe could get diagnosed earlier.

In 2016, ndd became the sole PFT sponsor of the documentary, "Remembering Leonard - His Life, Legacy and Battle with COPD." Since then, the film has been viewed in hundreds of cities nationwide and broadcasted on several television stations. 

Leonard Nimoy
EasyOne Air

2017 - Launch of EasyOne Air Spirometer

The EasyOne Air, built using our Trueflow ultrasonic technology, blends the portable advantages of the EasyOne and the PC capabilities of the Easy on-PC for a complete, connected spirometry solution. 

The EasyOne Air, continues to offer the most accurate, durable and flexible spirometry solution on the market. 

2018 - Spirometer Approved for Coal Worker’s Health Surveillance Program

ndd's newest spirometer, the EasyOne Air, became the third ndd product approved by NIOSH for use in the Coal Worker’s Health Surveillance Program (CWHSP). 

The Coal Worker’s Health Surveillance Program focuses on employees exposed to coal and silica dust that could cause black lung disease, silicosis or COPD. 

Air in occupational health
ndd 20 years

2019 - ndd Celebrates 20 Years of Success in Pulmonary Function

Over the past two decades, ndd has been dedicated to improving lung health by providing the most accurate, durable and innovative pulmonary function products on the market. 

Throughout the years, we’ve formed strong relationships with our customers, dealer partners, representatives and employees. It takes their support and commitment along with our devotion to improving lung health to be where we are today. 

This is a wonderful milestone to be celebrated and we look forward to many more years to come!