Ultrasonic Gas Analysis

Molar Mass Measurement Concurrent with Flow Measurement

Ultrasonic transit-time measurement allows the determination of flow velocity and molar mass of the gas at the same time. Gas information and flow velocity are available without delay between the two signals.

Possible applications are:

  • CO Diffusion: The Helium concentration can be determined by the molar mass measurement.
  • N2 Multiple-Breath Washout: In combination with a CO2 sensor the N2 concentration can be determined by molar mass measurement.
  • Fowler dead-space can be determined by the molar mass measurement.

Many scientific papers have been published dealing with this new technology. EasyOne Pro is the first instrument based on the combination of TrueFlow and molar mass measurement.

It has been shown that ndd's molar mass measurement has accuracy that is comparable to that of mass spectrometry, with the added advantage that there is no delay between the flow and gas measurements.

The combination of flow and gas composition allows for a number of applications with breathtaking new diagnosis possibilities; some of which are not yet commercially available.