Frequently Asked Questions

EasyOne devices do not require calibration – why is that?

The EasyOne spirometer determines flow by measuring the flight time of ultrasonic pulses. The time measurement is performed digitally using a precision quartz clock.
The following two main characteristics make the instrument calibration free:
a) The transducers that are used for this time measurement are mounted outside of the flow tube. In contrast to other flow measurement principles the transducers are not influenced by mucus or other substances in the flow tube. Furthermore, the transit-times measurement is a digital measurement that determines transit-times correctly or not at all.
b) The calibration of the sensor is purely a function of the physical distance between the transducers and the geometry of the flow tube. Both of these things cannot be changed except by destroying the instrument.
Find scientific publications that have proven that EasyOne devices do not need to be calibrated - ever. For more information click here.
While the EasyOne does not require calibration, it is important to note that the American Thoracic Society, NIOSH/OSHA, and others recommend that the accuracy of the spirometer be verified on a regular basis. This verification is easily done using the ndd 3-liter syringe.

The spirette has no filter – is it still safe and hygienic?

The spirette is a single-use item. By exchanging the spirette between patients any contamination from exhaled breath or mucus cannot be transferred from one patient to the next – cross-contamination is eliminated.
Find scientific proof that EasyOne devices with spirettes offer an absolute hygienic and reliable solution here.

How accurately does the EasyOne measure in low flow situations, such as when testing children?

There is no problem using the EasyOne spirometer for children: The ultrasonic flow measurement is very sensitive at low flows (flow resolution is below 10 ml/s) and the flow tube exhibits an extremely low flow resistance.

Is the spirette suitable for children?

The spirette flow tube's special ergonomical design easily accommodates a child's lips and teeth. The flow tube can be used for both adults and children down to the age of five years.

Can the predicted normals be changed?

Several predicted normal values can be selected from the Setup menu. An overview of the predicted normals is available on the EasyOne Documentation page. We appreciate your feedback if important predicted normal values are missing.

What is the internal memory size?

EasyOne automatically stores more than 700 test sessions (patient data, test results, and curves). These measurements can be selected and viewed at any time. They can also be printed individually or in ranges upon demand. Using the PC software EasyWare the measurements can be downloaded to a PC database.

Which printers work with EasyOne?

A wide range of black & white and color printers from the manufacturers Canon, Epson, and HP is supported. Because printer models change frequently we are not always able to provide a complete list of compatible printer models. The most current list is available on our EasyOne Documentation page. However, if your printer is not listed you may contact ndd for guidance. The printer type can be chosen from the Setup menu.

Why is EasyOne not equipped with rechargeable batteries?

The power consumption of EasyOne is very low. With two AA alkaline batteries approximately 400 measurements can be executed. Rechargeable batteries would make the device less reliable and more expensive.

Are other spirometers cheaper to operate?

For the following reasons EasyOne has low operating costs: a) Due to its operational principle EasyOne does not require re-calibration. b) There is no need to buy a calibration syringe unless you want to verify accuracy. c) You do not need to buy filters. d) The flow sensor is robust by design. e) No expensive and sensitive parts can be contaminated. f) There is no maintenance required.

Why does EasyOne not have an integrated printer?

We chose to use commercially available letter size / A4 format black & white or color printers. With these low cost printers you get an easy to read one or two-page report that will archive indefinitely. This is in contrast to small thermo "strip"-printers where the report is difficult to file, and is likely to fade, and even disappear, during long-term storage.

Can masks be used with EasyOne?

Yes you can use masks. There are 2 possibilities: A) commonly available masks with 22mm joint flange; cut the mouth piece part of the spirette as shown and insert the modified spirette. B) Laerdal silicone masks allow the use w/o any modification of the spirette. Fold the mouthpiece part of the spirette and insert the spirette (mouthpiece first from the front) through the mask opening. This can be important whenever you need to use unmodified original parts (Studies etc.).

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