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The EasyOne Plus Diagnostic spirometer offers true portability for testing anytime, anywhere. With ndd's TrueFlow Technology, the EasyOne is not influenced by heat, humidity, barometric pressure, or altitude. Some of the many features include:

  • USB cradle for direct connection to printer or PC
  • Flexible EMR capabilities
  • Vast memory (~700 tests)
  • Selectable predicted values and interpretation

Other Information

  • Platino Studies in Latin America with many publications based on long-term stability of EasyOne in multicenter applications with cross checking. (Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela)
  • BOLD studies (the prevalence studies of GOLD COPD awareness investigations). China, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Sweden, South Africa, India
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  • Primary care spirometry study in Australia; Walters et al.
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EasyOne Plus Brochure

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EasyOne Plus Brochure

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Reimbursement Information

EasyOne Plus Systems
Part Number Description
1000-1 All-inclusive EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometry System Includes: 2001-2P Diagnostic spirometry system, 4 year extended warranty, EasyWare software, case of 50 spirettes (7 year warranty)
2001-2P EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometry System Includes: Diagnostic spirometer, USB cradle, color inkjet printer, EasyWare software (3 year warranty)
2001-2NP EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometry System Includes: Diagnostic spirometer, USB cradle, EasyWare software DOES NOT INCLUDE PRINTER. (3 year warranty)
EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometer ONLY (cradle and printer not included) (3 year warranty)
EasyOne Plus Disposables
Part Number Description
2050-1 spirettes, case of 50
2050-5 spirettes, case of 200