Required Annual Replacement Parts for the EasyOne Pro and EasyOne Pro LAB

It's that time again! The following parts need to be replaced annually for the products listed above. Required Replacement Parts include (Part # - 3000-50.50): Filter Pack, Overpressure Valve, Gas Supply Tube and One-Way Valve. Please contact your local distributor or ndd to order. 

New Printer Compatibility List

There is an updated version of the EasyOne Printer Compatibility List, with a couple of new printer models added. Click here for the new list.

New Software Release for EasyOne Pro, Pro LAB, and Easy on-PC

There is a new version of software available for the above products. Improvements include: Challenge Testing capability, improved incentives, additional predicted normals, improved user interface, and more. Software updates are available free of charge. Click here for the software downloads page.

Challenge Testing Now Available in the EasyOne Pro, Pro LAB, and Easy on-PC

The latest software release of the above products includes Challenge Testing capability. There are several challenge protocols available including Methacholine and Mannitol. Software updates are available free of charge. Click here for the software downloads page.

Allscripts Certification for ndd Products

ndd devices are now certified for connectivity with Allscripts Enterprise and Professional. Now you can seamlessly share test results between your ndd spirometer or PFT device and these Allscripts products. Contact us, or your Allscripts representative for details.

Now Connecting with Epiphany Cardio

ndd devices are now compatible with the Epiphany’s Cardio Server product. Epiphany is currently integrated with all major EMRs including Epic, Meditech, Siemens, Cerner, McKesson, Allscripts, NextGen and more. If you are using Epiphany and any of the ndd devices, you now have an additional option for connectivity. Contact us, or your Epiphany representative for details.

EasyWare is Now Free

EasyWare is our simple, companion PC software for the EasyOne and EasyOne Plus spirometers. Now you can use the power of your PC to manage your spirometry data. EasyWare allows you to store data on your PC, where it is easy to print, view, trend, and sort results. Printing from your PC avoids printer compatibility problems and allows you to use the printers shared on your PC or network. And PDF reports are a cinch to create from EasyWare. Click here for the free download. 

Date Error in the EasyOne Spirometer

Are you having trouble setting the correct date in your EasyOne spirometer? You may be experiencing a date error that exists in the software of many of our older spirometers. No worries. We've fixed it. Click here for further information and your options for fixing this problem.